Our Story

Skywood International is established by a group of experienced carpenters. We pride our focus on customized carpentry works.

Modern carpentry has developed in its role as a constructor of ideas. With sophisticated creative ideas today, we aim to bring out the essence of the modern furniture which is often lacking in modern day designs. In customized carpentry, Skywood International uses our expertise in our workmanship, quality and detailed furnishing to transform ideas into reality.

Our Workshop

We are located in an industrial space at North Link Building, where all our carpentry works begin. You will be able to see our workers sawing plywood, pressing laminates, assembling parts together and making dream homes happen.

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Our People

Our carpenters are well-trained in their expertise, equipped with knowledge on up- to- dates modern installation of new hardware product. (E.g. our carpenters are certified installers of “Blum Products and Accessories” and other technological advanced hardware.)

Our Business Model

Our company based its business model on a business-to-customer approach. With our very own in-house workshops, Skywood International is pleased to provide our services without the middle man. With adequate resources, we aim to serve you exclusively, promoting communication as we seek to turn sincerity into satisfaction.

Our Motto

Through our group of dedicated professionals, Skywood International aims to provide quality customized carpentry.

Skywood International

10 Admiralty Street
North Link Building

Showroom operating hours:
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

Copyright @ 2015
Skywood International
All Rights Reserved

Copyright @ 2015 Skywood International All Rights Reserved